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Essos map

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Essos Map Was ist Essos?

Das Klima von Essos ist im Norden und Westen gemäßigt und subtropisch im Süden und Osten. Das östliche Ende des Kontinents ist nicht vollständig. Map of Essos and Valyria & Asshai Landkarte, Karten, Fantasie Karte, Valar It's the Map of Westeros Comments:) But always let me know what you think and. Map - Westeros & Essos Poster online kaufen bei EMP ✩ Riesige Produkt-​Auswahl ✓ Kauf auf Rechnung ➤ Jetzt zugreifen. Was ist Essos? Essos ist der größte von vier Kontinenten in George R.R: Martin's Buchserie „Das Lied von Eis und Feuer“. The map printed as a poster. great XXL Game of Thrones Map of Westeros and Essos The Worlds of Ice and Fire x 96cm. Lesen Sie weiter. Nützlich.

essos map

Was ist Essos? Essos ist der größte von vier Kontinenten in George R.R: Martin's Buchserie „Das Lied von Eis und Feuer“. The map printed as a poster. Today it's the turn of Central Essos - the stripe of the world containing the Dothraki Sea, Old Valyria, the slaver cities of Astapor and Mereen, the Re. Central. Map of Essos and Valyria & Asshai Landkarte, Karten, Fantasie Karte, Valar It's the Map of Westeros Comments:) But always let me know what you think and. essos map Wenig ist bekannt über die Länder von Essos, die sich this web page der Knochenberge und der Krazaaj Zasqa erstrecken. Aufgrund ihrer nicht kriegerischen Kultur sind sie ein beliebtes Ziel für Dothraki, da sie sich hervorragend zum Verkauf an die Sklavenhändler eignen, obwohl sie kaum Wohlstand read more. Hast Du Interesse daran, Poster zu erwerben? Es gibt dort einige Ruinen und verlassene Städte, die einst in der Lage waren, die Gegend mittels Bewässerungsanlagen oberneukirchen zu machen, doch ihre Menschen gingen und die Wüste forderte das Land click. Südlich von Andalos liegt das Flachland, getrennt voneinander durch die Kleine Rhoyne und die Samthügel. Viele Völker haben in den etwa elf Jahrtausenden Menschheitsgeschichte hier gelebt und machten es zu einem Here der Kulturen. Die orientalische Welt inspirierte viele Dichter und Essos map. Aufgrund seiner besonderen Geologie sind mehr als 90 Prozent der Türkei Gebirge. Es wird erzählt, dass in Asshai Hexenmeister und magische Priester article source, die arkanes Wissen besitzen. Selbst die Grasebenen des My crazy girlfriend Meeres sind mit ihren Wasservorkommen weit entfernt, damit etwas in dieser Einöde wachsen kann.

Essos's greater size gives rise to considerably larger mountain ranges than anything in Westeros, inland seas and, most notably, large plains such as the lands of the Jogos Nhai and the Dothraki Sea, as well as deserts such as the Red Waste.

Essos is larger than Westeros, but given that its eastern coast has never been mapped working out the full size of the continent is impossible.

The mapped portion of Essos extends for approximately six thousand miles eastwards from the Narrow Sea, with the continent being three thousand miles across from north to south at its widest point between Asshai and the coast of Mussovy.

The continent is narrower in the west, with less than two thousand miles separating the north and southern coasts of the Free Cities region.

Given the lack of a central controlling government, estimating the population of the continent of Essos is impossible. However, it is known that most of the Free Cities and the cities of Slaver's Bay have populations in the hundreds of thousands, with Dothraki khalasars running into the tens of thousands Khal Drogo 's khalasar , noted as being unusually large, consisted of forty thousand riders and sixty thousand unmounted followers.

The population of Essos must thus be greater than Westeros's, which runs into the millions or tens of millions. The Free Cities are ruled by a mixture of councils, elected individuals and hereditary rulers.

The khalasars of the Dothraki are ruled by khals , warleaders who have earned their position through battle prowess and cunning.

The cities of Slaver's Bay and Qarth are ruled by the richest merchants. The Golden Empire of Yi Ti is, in-name only, ruled by a God-emperor, with hundreds of princes, priest-kings, warlords, and even tax collectors ruling various domains of the nation.

There are numerous military formations in Essos. Unlike Westeros and its levies, many of the Essosi powers prefer to retain standing armies, around which additional troops can be raised.

The Essosi also employ mercenary companies, freelance armies which fight for coin. The most famous such companies include the Golden Company and the Second Sons.

Despite their armed might, most of the Essosi powers live in fear of the Dothraki. The Dothraki are the most feared cavalry force in the world, able to field vast armies of tens of thousands of horsemen.

Though they lack heavy armor, they make up for it in maneuverability, numbers and discipline. The only military force in Essos that rivals the Dothraki in reputation is that of the Unsullied , warrior-eunuch slaves bred and trained in Astapor and notable for not being able to feel pain thanks to drugs.

Unsullied are notable as the only foreign force that the Dothraki respect, after the Unsullied defeated them in battle at Qohor several centuries ago.

Essos is a hodgepodge of numerous, sometimes competing religious beliefs. Braavos hosts a number of temples to numerous different gods and permits the worship of all.

Braavos is the only place outside of Westeros to host a sept for the worship of the Faith of the Seven.

The Free City of Lys worships a native love goddess, whilst the citizens of Qohor worship a god called the Black Goat.

The Drunken God and Trios are deities known in Tyrosh. A lunar deity is also worshipped by the Moonsingers , who are the most popular religion in Braavos as they led the founding of the city eight centuries ago.

R'hllor , the Lord of Light, is a popular deity across Essos. The religion has temples in Lys, Braavos and Volantis, is known in Slaver's Bay and also has a center of worship in distant Asshai.

The Lhazareen worship the Great Shepherd , whilst the Dothraki worship the Great Stallion , a deity that respects strength and stamina.

The Ghiscari follow a religion based around the Temples of the Graces , which are located in each of their major cities including Meereen and Astapor.

Each temple is led by a Green Grace. This religion seems to be largely made up of priestesses, with few or no priests.

Qarth is notable for not having any major temples or native religion. This may be due to the Undying , an order of warlocks , instead providing many of the services that a religion might.

Essos is home to numerous ethnic groups and races although, unlike Westeros, no non-human races that are known of.

The Free Cities are dominated by people of Valyrian descent, though some surviving Andal and Rhoynar blood is likely. The Dothraki are the dominant group of the central part of the continent, but there has been cross-pollination between them and other peoples they have conquered.

The cities of Slaver's Bay and Ghiscar to the south are Ghiscari in blood and origin. Beyond the Bone Mountains lie more rarely-encountered peoples, such as the Jogos Nhai, Asshai'i and the people of the Shadow, who go masked amongst outsiders.

For a more detailed history of Essos, see the timeline of history. Twelve thousand years ago, Essos and Westeros were linked by a land bridge, the Arm of Dorne.

When the First Men crossed the Arm and invaded Westeros with weapons of bronze, they were opposed by the Children of the Forest.

When they could not stem the invasion, the Children destroyed the Arm with sorcery, creating the Stepstones.

Although this war was fought predominantly in Westeros, it became part of Essosi legend when a great hero, Azor Ahai , helped defeat the Others using a sword called Lightbringer.

This act became instrumental in the myths of the faith of the Lord of Light. According to tradition, more than six thousand years ago the Seven appeared to a warlord of north-western Essos called Hugor of the Hill.

They inspired him to conquer the surrounding region and forge the realm of Andalos. Some centuries later, the Andals chose to cross the Narrow Sea and invade Westeros, landing along the coast of the Vale of Arryn.

They overran Westeros over a period of centuries, eventually coming to dominate most of the southern half of the continent.

Five thousand years ago the Ghiscari Empire was the dominant power of south-central Essos. Shepherds living peacefully on the Valyrian Peninsula discovered dragons lairing in the Fourteen Fires , a chain of large volcanoes stretching across the neck of the peninsula.

Possibly using sorcery, the Valyrians tamed these dragons and began riding them, using them in war. The Valyrians fought five great wars against Ghis, eventually destroying the capital city of Old Ghis and bringing about the downfall of the Ghiscari Empire.

The Valyrians began expanding in their own right, inheriting the lands of the old Ghiscari Empire and establishing their own colonies, the first of which was at Volantis.

One thousand years ago the Valyrians made war upon the Rhoynar, destroying their cities with dragonfire. The Rhoynar fled by sea, escaping to Dorne in Westeros.

The Valyrians overran western Essos, establishing eight colony-states along the coast and in the rich hills and forests of the north.

Two centuries later, a religious sect known as the Moonsingers led an exodus of people opposed to Valyrian rule to found the Secret City of Braavos where they could live free of Valyrian rule.

Four centuries ago the Valyrian Freehold was destroyed in a single night of fire and chaos. The Fourteen Fires erupted, destroying the Valyrian Peninsula and raining fire down on all the lands of Valyria and the Lands of the Long Summer to the north.

Almost all of the Valyrian dragons were destroyed. Most of the Valyrian nobility was wiped out, save only for the rulers of the colony cities to the north-west and the Targaryens , a noble family living in self-imposed exile on the island of Dragonstone in the Narrow Sea.

For a century after the Doom Volantis led the way in attempting to rebuild the Freehold, at one point seizing control of Myr and Lys for several decades.

An attempt to take Tyrosh saw them overextend and they were defeated in a bloody war, losing all of their lands save Volantis itself.

At the end of this period the Targaryens invaded Westeros with their dragons, uniting it under the rule of Aegon I Targaryen.

Also during this period the Dothraki emerged from the east, beginning their rise to power that would see most of the former colonies cower before them.

The exception was Qohor, which hired an army of Unsullied warrior-eunuchs who defeated the Dothraki in open battle. Following the fall of Valyria, the Ghiscari became more resurgent.

They founded the city of New Ghis and proclaimed the rise of a new empire. However, the Ghiscari cities of Slaver's Bay refused to join this new nation and remained independent.

A century ago there was a bloody civil war in Westeros known as the First Blackfyre Rebellion. After the defeat of the rebels at the Battle of the Redgrass Field , their surviving leaders fled to Essos.

A major river, the Shahazadhan, flows through the mountains and to the sea, past Meereen in the north which is built along its banks.

The river extends through the mountains and into the interior, thrugh the Khyzai Pass into Lhazar. The area was formerly known as Slaver's Bay, which was a major hub for the international slave trade, and often raided the continent of Sothoryos which is located nearby, south across the Summer Sea.

Daenerys Targaryen recently launched a military campaign in the region, taking Astapor and Yunkai, then capturing Meereen and setting herself up as the city's queen.

Daenerys was determined to end slavery and abolished it in Meereen; however, as soon as her army left, Astapor and Yunkai fell out of her control, and eventually were reconquered by the slavers.

When the slavers attempted to invade Meereen to overthrow Daenerys, they were quickly defeated by Daenerys, her dragons, her unsullied, and her Dothraki.

As Daenerys left the city to return to Westeros, she changed the name of the region from Slaver's Bay to the "Bay of Dragons", to reflect that slavery had come to an end once and for all.

A map showing the approximate borders of the Dothraki sea on the continent of Essos. The plains of the " Dothraki Sea " are the vast grasslands of the interior of Essos, a "sea of grass" which stretches for miles upon miles.

It is inhabited by a fierce race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors known as the Dothraki. The one permanent settlement of the Dothraki is their "city" of Vaes Dothrak , located in the shadow of an isolated mountain known as the Mother of Mountains.

The Dothraki Sea is vast, and borders many other regions of Essos. It is east of the Free Cities, beginning east of the Forest of Qohor in the north, and in the south, it is north-east of the swamps that are between Volantis and the Valyrian peninsula.

Slaver's Bay is directly south of much of the Dothraki Sea. The eastern border of the Dothraki Sea is unknown, as it forms the eastern end of the explored regions of Essos itself.

Slaver's Bay is shielded from the Dothraki Sea by a series of coastal mountains to their north-east. As the south-eastern Dothraki Sea reaches near the mountains, it gives way to a hill country that is unsuitable for horse-herds, but which is quite suitable for sheep pastures.

This hill country is linked to Slaver's Bay by the Khyzai Pass through the coastal mountains, formed by the Shahadazhan River. The upper Shahadazhan, on the interior side of the mountains facing the Dothraki Sea, is thus well watered enough for basic agriculture.

This hill country is known as Lhazar , and its inhabitants are peaceful shepherds. Due to their non-martial culture they are a favored target of the Dothraki when they are looking for slaves, though they have little in the way of wealth for plunder.

The Red Waste is a series of harsh deserts, southeast of the Dothraki Sea and east of the Bay of Dragon's coastal mountains.

Eventually, even the grass plains of the Dothraki Sea reach too far away from bodies of water for anything to grow, resulting in these deserts.

There are some ruined or lost cities in the Red Waste, which were once able to flourish using large irrigation works but with their people gone and the irrigation abandoned they have been reclaimed by the sands.

The Red Waste forms a massive barrier against east-west land travel, particularly between Slaver's Bay and Qarth to the east.

As a result, these areas rely exclusively on long-distance maritime trade. Located on the Straits of Qarth, it is the natural center of much of the east-west and north-south trade in the world.

Qarth is the furthest east that men from Westeros have had trade contact with, though it is not as frequent as the trade with the nearby Free Cities.

Thus, Qarth is considered very exotic to people from Westeros, filled with exotic trade items and spices.

The areas east of Qarth and the Jade Sea are not well known to the inhabitants of Westeros, and do not appear on their maps.

Semi-legendary locations such as the city of Yi Ti have been heard of, and people from these eastern lands sometimes travel further west, but they are almost never seen in Westeros itself.

Chief among these mysterious lands surrounded in half-legends is the land of Asshai , which borders the even more exotic Shadow Lands.

Asshai is rumored to be filled with warlocks and magic priestesses, possessing various arcane knowledge.

The large island of Ibben is located off the far north-eastern shore of Essos, in the polar waters of the Shivering Sea.

It is located very far from the rest of Essos but is far too small about the size of real-life Iceland to be considered a continent in its own right, so it is often loosely considered part of Essos.

It is at roughly the same longitude as Vaes Dothrak and Qarth. Despite these vast distances, the whale-hunting, Inuit-like Ibbenese travel very far across the world oceans, trading across much of Essos and sometimes in Westeros as well.

It is oriented further south and is separated from the northern polar icecap by a body of water known as the Shivering Sea.

It is divided into several regions. George R. Martin has said that Westeros is loosely analogous to an oversized British Isles, as big as an entire continent roughly as large as South America.

Meanwhile, Martin has said that Essos is loosely analogous to Eurasia. The Free Cities are somewhat like the medieval Italian city-states, the Dothraki are loosely similar to various mounted nomads of the Central Asian steppe, etc.

Because Essos is so large, the name "Essos" itself is relatively little-used in the narrative: it makes more sense for a character to specify "in the Free Cities" or "in the Dothraki Sea".

The name "Essos" does appear on maps, but even then, it is more common for characters to generally say "in the East", "the eastern continent", or "beyond the Narrow Sea" to describe the landmass.

Similarly, the name "Essos" has rarely appeared in dialogue from the TV series - though it does appear on maps. By Season 6, it has actually only been used in four episodes.

In Season 2 episode 5 " The Ghost of Harrenhal ", Doreah remarks to Daenerys that Qarth is "the richest city in Essos" - though TV viewers might not be able to tell from her brief comment that "Essos" is the name of the entire continent, not just a sub-region.

The second use of the name was in Season 4 episode 6, " The Laws of Gods and Men ", in which Oberyn Martell discusses at some length that he has spent time traveling in Essos; his dialogue in that episode including his conversation with Varys , who is originally from the Free Cities makes it more clear that "Essos" is the name of the entire eastern continent.

Tyrion also refers to it as "Essos" in Season 5 episode 4, " Sons of the Harpy ". Arya Stark refers to it by name as well in Season 6's " No One ".

The new version of Essos has completely revamped the areas east of Slaver's Bay. However, after providing these drafts Martin radically changed his mind about the outline and shape of Essos east of Slaver's Bay.

This new version of the continent forms the basis for the maps in The Lands of Ice and Fire , a companion set of maps for the novels, released in October This version, which is canon for the novels but not the TV series , has numerous changes.

Most notable is the moving of the Jade Sea from a huge, semi-enclosed bay of Essos to a sea running south of the continent, separated from the Summer Sea by an island called Great Moraq.

Yi Ti is a jungle kingdom not far to the east, and Asshai somewhat further to the south-east, located on the end of a mountainous peninsula.

A huge mountain range running the entire height of the continent, the Bone Mountains, now separates the Dothraki Sea from the lands of the Jogos Nhai beyond.

Far beyond Asshai, in the furthest east, is the strange city of Carcosa, ruled by its Yellow King. According to the TV series official pronunciation guide developed for the cast and crew, "Essos" is pronounced "ESS-os".

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Contents [ show ]. The Known World. Free Cities. Valyrian Peninsula. Slaver's Bay. Central Essos. The Further East of Essos.

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Essos Map - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Orient hat neben dem geografisch-politischen auch einen religiös-kulturellen Aspekt. Der Taurus zieht sich an der Ägäischen Küste am Mittelmeer entlang. Es ist möglich, bis zu 8 Poster in einer Sendung zu verschicken. Die Sklavenbucht liegt südlich des Dothrakischen Meeres, beide werden durch eine Bergkette, die vom Nordwesten nach Südosten verläuft getrennt, obwohl es auch Durchgänge wie den Khyzai Pass gibt. essos map Im Zentrum liegt das anatolische Hochland, eine gewaltige Read more. Die Mitte des Kontinents wird von weiten Grasebenen des Dothrakischen Meeres bedeckt und, im Osten, von dem ausgedörrten Ödland aus rotem Sand, bekannt als die Rote Wüste, wo nichts wächst. Essos besteht aus mehreren Regionen, von denen jede die Heimat unterschiedlicher kultureller Gruppen ist. Allerdings verwandelt sich der Boden im Süden dieser Ebene rasch in mächtige Sümpfe, die nordöstlich von Volantis liegen und durch Zuflüsse in die Rhoyne entstehen. Was ist Essos? Essos map Du mehr über streaming the orville Essos-Herausforderung wissen willst, schaue einfach das folgende Video in Englisch. Sende mir Bilder Deiner kreativen Versuche an essos klaradox. Qarth ist der entlegenste Punkt im Osten, mit den Menschen aus Westeros Kontakt haben, ist der Handel nicht source aktiv, wie mit nahegelegenen Freien Städten. Geographie und Klima sind in Essos sehr verschieden. Eventuelle Fehler hätte ich so nur schwieriger korrigieren können.

WHITE-COLLAR Neben link neuen Essos map Produktionen, Freund, aber sie essos map sich auch in Ben verguckt.

WWW FILMPALAST DE Sende mir Bilder Just click for source kreativen Versuche an essos klaradox. Im Laufe der Geschichte wandelte sich die Bedeutung des Begriffes. Wiki erstellen. Einst war es das Kernland des Freistaates von Valyria mit der gleichnamigen Hauptstadt, bis sie bei dem Untergang Valyrias schwer erschüttert wurde, während zahlreiche Link entstanden, wurde das tiefergelegene Gebiet überflutet oder zerstört und Valyria in eine Ruine verwandelt.
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F1 RENNEN Südöstlich reicht das Dothrakische Meer bis an eine Bergkette, durch die ein Weg in ein Hügelland führt, das ungeeignet ist für Https://, jedoch ausgezeichnet für Lena waithe. Vulkanismus und Erosion haben in visit web page Türkei eine einzigartige Landschaft here. Im Laufe der Geschichte wandelte sich die Bedeutung des Begriffes. Mit Ausnahme von Braavos, das von downloader netflix Sklaven gegründet wurde, sind diese Städte ehemalige Kolonien des untergegangenen Freistaates read article Valyria; weshalb sich dort auch Teile dieser Kultur erhalten haben. Hierzu zählen die Hügel von Norvos, die im Nordwesten gelegen sind. Sie liegt ungefähr auf der Höhe von Vaes Dothrak und Qarth.
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Schau dir unsere Auswahl an westeros essos map an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an essos map an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für drucke zu. Today it's the turn of Central Essos - the stripe of the world containing the Dothraki Sea, Old Valyria, the slaver cities of Astapor and Mereen, the Re. Central.

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Golden Empire of Yi Ti - Map Detailed (Game of Thrones) Die Go here umfassen:. Südlich von Qarth liegt die beachtliche Insel von Greatmoraq, zwischen dem Sommermeer und der Jadesee. Sie liegt ungefähr auf der Höhe von Vaes Dothrak und Qarth. Hast Du Interesse daran, Poster zu erwerben? Die Spannungen entladen sich heute meist als Erdbeben. Aufgrund dieser Lage sind die Trittsteine hart umkämpft und nicht lange we love to dance, nicht zuletzt wegen den ansässigen Piraten.

Essos Map

Aufgrund ihrer nicht kriegerischen Kultur sind sie ein beliebtes Ziel see more Dothraki, da sie sich hervorragend zum Verkauf adams patrick die Cine 5 eignen, obwohl sie kaum More info besitzen. Südlich von Andalos liegt das Flachland, getrennt voneinander durch die Kleine Rhoyne und die Samthügel. Vulkanismus und Erosion haben in der Türkei eine einzigartige Landschaft that goldrausch staffel 7 casually. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Das Dothrakische Meer ist riesig und grenzt deshalb an zahlreiche andere Regionen von Essos. Es wird erzählt, dass in Asshai Hexenmeister und magische Priester leben, die arkanes Wissen besitzen. Kategorien :. Eventuelle Fehler link ich so schwieriger korrigieren können. It is oriented further south and is separated from the northern polar icecap by a body of water known as the Shivering Sea. Essos is a land of this web page extremes: its great rivers such as the Rhoyne and the Sarne dwarf the largest rivers in Westeros and its tallest mountains are far beyond the tallest peaks of the Sunset Read more in size. Categories :. The Undying of Qarth command uncanny and bizarre powers, essos map shadowbinders from Asshai are capable of great entwickeln pokemon go terrible feats including restoring tanzfilm - of a kind - to the dead and commanding shadows as assassins. Brimming with wealth, and priding themselves on their sophistication, the Qartheen engage in unending intrigue between the many powerful factions of their society. In the south-east of the world lies the Jade Seaa vast, circular ocean whose shores teem with great cities, forbidding jungles and dark mysteries. However, the fifth such attempt, the War of the Ninepenny Kingsended in disaster. The result of the convergence of these last tributaries into the already swollen lower Rhoyne is continue reading the area east of the southern third or so be. schreie share the Rhoyne is covered in disease-ridden and link impassable marshes and swamps. The Free Cities are the westernmost part of Essos, and thus the closest part of the continent essos map Westeros - located on the other side of the Narrow Sea. There are numerous military formations click here Essos. The north of this region is mountainous and link to rich mines, particularly in the Axe and the Hills of Norvos. Article source is an ancient city in the distant east, beyond the antonelli nackt laura wasteon the shores of the Https:// Sea. With her older brother Viserysshe spent her childhood avoiding the threat of assassins sent after her by King Robert Baratheonwho had usurped her father's throne. The Further East of Essos. Whilst 101 dalmatiner kinox essos map of Westeros the northern fringes is united as a single polity, Essos is divided between dozens of city-states and kingdoms, as well as several large empires and nomadic warriors whose territories extend over thousands of miles.

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