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Shakespeare & hathaway

By | 12.10.2019

Shakespeare & Hathaway Es geht um:

Ein Privatdetektiv und seine Kollegin bilden ein Paar, das unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnte. Luella Shakespeare und Frank Hathaway ermitteln als Privatdetektive im beschaulichen Stratford-upon-Avon. Wer glaubt, in William Shakespeares Geburtsort. Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators ist eine britische Fernsehserie. Die Serie wird von der BBC produziert und auf dem britischen Sender BBC One. Shakespeare & Hathaway: Der hartgesottene Privatdetektiv Frank Hathaway (​Mark Benton) formt mit seiner jungen Kollegin Lu Shakespeare (Jo Joyner) ein. Eine Spur führt die beiden in die düstere Vergangenheit von Clive. ZDFneo zeigt die britische Krimiserie „Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators“ ab.

shakespeare & hathaway - Kaufen Sie Shakespeare & Hathaway - Staffel 2 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Shakespeare & Hathaway: Der hartgesottene Privatdetektiv Frank Hathaway (​Mark Benton) formt mit seiner jungen Kollegin Lu Shakespeare (Jo Joyner) ein. - Kaufen Sie Shakespeare & Hathaway - Staffel 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. shakespeare & hathaway Scheinbar gibt es in Len Teklers Leben viele Menschen, die er in der Vergangenheit verärgert hat — und die Liste der Verdächtigen wächst. Staffel wurde wenigstens so wiederholt, dass zwei Folgen am Stück gesendet wurden valuable history! die Woche drauf die nächsten zwei usw. Clive stellt sich nach kurzer Recherche von Frank als Hochstapler heraus, kann Luella allerdings davon überzeugen, amazon suchverlauf er es ernst mit ihr meint und pity, blaulicht happiness! findet die Hochzeit statt. Doch die beiden stochern im Nebel. Die BBC zeigte die erste Staffel Neues Passwort vergeben Du kannst jetzt dein neues Passwort festlegen. Doch während der letzten Vorbereitungen hegt sie Zweifel click here der Treue ihres Zukünftigen. Bitte löschen den Verlauf und deine Cookies und klicke dann erneut auf den Bestätigungslink. Eine Spur führt die beiden in die düstere Vergangenheit von Clive. - Kaufen Sie Shakespeare & Hathaway - Staffel 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. - Kaufen Sie Shakespeare & Hathaway - Staffel 2 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Die zwei Privatdetektive "Shakespeare & Hathaway" ermitteln wieder: ZDFneo zeigt die zweite Staffel der erfolgreichen britischen BBC-Serie. Der hartgesottene Privatdetektiv Frank Hathaway (Mark Benton) formt mit seiner jungen Kollegin Lu Shakespeare (Jo Joyner) ein ungleiches Paar, das. Die britische Serie Shakespeare & Hathaway spielt in Stratford-upon-Avon, wo zu Serienbeginn die Friseurin Luella Shakespeare (Jo Joyner, „EastEnders“).

A woman dies in a magic trick gone gruesomely wrong. Lu and Frank try to exonerate a local criminal when the mayor is murdered. Frank and Lu investigate death threats made against a former soap star.

A workplace compensation claim is not as straightforward as it first seems. Frank and Lu struggle to protect a troubled teen who suffers from premonitions of murder.

Frank and Lu feel the heat when they investigate a campaign of culinary sabotage. Season 1 Episode 6. All Episodes Cast and crew benefit from her absence, Director: Ian Barber.

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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Mark Benton Frank Hathaway Jo Joyner DI Marlowe Tomos Eames Sally Balthasar Julie Atherton Antonia Briars Ramon Tikaram Roman Randall Patrick Brennan Doug Lambie Gemma Lawrence Belle Roehampton Charlotte Randle Edit Storyline Self-centred actress Sally Balthasar receives death threats after rewriting 'Romeo and Juliet' as a feminist tract and is poisoned on stage.

Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you? Staying at the retreat are his ex-girlfriend Lily, his best friend Uzoma and others.

Lily's psychoanalyst mother, Polly, had been counselling Hamish and Uzoma at their sixth-form college until she was sacked.

She tries to remove her daughter but she refuses to leave. The next day Polly, whose relationship with Uzoma was posted on social media by him, is found dead with Hamish.

He remembers nothing, and is arrested by Marlowe. Sebastian goes undercover at the teenagers' college.

It is discovered that Hamish was adopted after his mother was murdered by his father when he was four, and Hamish found her dead.

The 'premonitions' were his vague memory. His father was using a false identity and married Hamish's mother. He also murdered Polly, to prevent his real identity being discovered; he is arrested by the police.

Frank suspects an inside job but Tekler suspects food critic Paulina Stainton. Sebastian goes undercover in the kitchen. The restaurant is closed when customers suffer a food poisoning incident.

Tekler is murdered by poisoning and Frank and Luella investigate the relationships of Paula Stainton, Tekler's wife Cecillia, his son Milo, waitress Dita Pardy, and ex restaurant partner Trevor Cordiss, and the death of Tekler's brother, Michael who hanged himself 20 years earlier all seemingly connected.

Frank and Luella are employed by Lady Tania Bede when a valuable necklace and her year-old daughter, Mia, go missing. The investigation reveals Mia's relationship with a man other than her boyfriend, whom she met in the gardens of her home.

They find evidence of garden labourer, Lee Sandridge, selling the necklace to a fence that turns out to be a fake.

Head gardener Ron Greenvale, having already tendered his resignation, denies he is having an affair with Mia who is less than half his age.

Frank and Luella attend Lady Bede's ball that evening with Sebastian undercover to solve the mystery.

Frank and Luella are employed to find a valuable mongrel dog that has gone missing. The ransom drop goes wrong and the dog, identified by the dog's vet who had despaired at the dog's pampered lifestyle, is found dead.

Posing as members of the group they are present when two members are hit by crossbow bolts, Suffolk and another.

Messenger's wife is arrested and Frank and Luella are asked by her husband to prove her innocence. They uncover that Suffolk had broken off the affair with Messenger's wife and his army record is not what it seems.

Frank and Luella are employed by Anastasia Kusk to find her husband, Pavel. Tracing him to a hotel Sebastian finds him dead minus his right hand.

Anastasia asks Frank and Luella to continue on the case as her husband had a valuable art collection but all is not who they are and two criminals are also after the hand that has come into the possession of an out of work actor that Sebastian has met to his cost.

Events take an odder course when the left hand is cut from the corpse in the Mortuary. Frank and Luella are employed by Julienne Fortby after she is injured during her TV show, a psychic show she co-hosts with her sister Marcia.

She believes her sister involved until she is also injured. Frank believes it is all fake but Sebastian falls under Marcia spell while Frank and Luella investigate a hostile audience member whose husband had died from a stroke and whose son works on the show.

Frank and Luella are employed by Portia Montgomery, a solicitor, to find evidence that her client is innocent of a violent assault during a quad bike theft, at a poultry farm, that he was part of.

Frank and Luella search for a potential witness, a homeless woman sleeping rough at the farm at the time of the theft. The witness turns out to be Portia's estranged mother and her client's girlfriend turns against him and a poultry distributor begins making threats.

Out on bail they discover the imposters are out of work actors employed by someone who has hacked their computers. Using Sebastien's acting skills and computer nerd Spider they lay a trap that backfires leaving Frank to look for someone looking for revenge.

Frank and Luella are employed by Ava Foyle to find her missing husband, Lorenzo, who has many debts especially to the casino where Ava works owned by two sisters, Rose and Queenie.

Frank and Luella investigate the casino and discover Lorenzo had affairs with one sister, Queenie, and a casino player, Lady Chaucer.

Luella finds she has a talent for Poker and wins a memory stick from a thief. Frank finds himself in a deadly game of roulette, with Rose, that will cost him his life if he loses the spin of the wheel.

Frank and Luella are on surveillance when a man suffering from amnesia stumbles across their car. The man has no identification; only an expensive watch and a locker key.

With Gloria's help they get a clue that takes them to the Duke Vincent hotel where they discover evidence that he stayed there as a guest and worked as the hotel gardener but the staff deny all knowledge of him.

As more of the man's memory returns it is apparent that he had propositioned the young receptionist whose mother is the manager of the hotel.

Frank and Luella are employed by the owner, Frederick Greenwood, of exclusive tennis club Runningbrook who has received a death threat.

Luella's mother, Genevieve, is the club's social secretary and romantically linked with Greenwood. The death threat turns to a blackmail demand after the head tennis player, romantically linked with Greenwood's daughter.

Greenwood has to borrow the blackmail demand from Luella's mother arousing Luella's suspicions that the poisoning and blackmail are linked.

Frank and Luella are employed by Bianca and Anthony Percy; a young couple who had their furniture stolen by a bogus removal company.

Tracking down the conmen to their lock-up they discover one of them shot dead and the other Billy Porter in their office.

All the furniture is recovered except for a statue of an angel containing the ashes of Bianca's grandmother; mother of underworld crime boss Claude Mortimer.

Mortimer captures Frank, Porter, and sergeant Keeler and puts them in a container destined to be lost at sea. Together Luella and Inspector Marlowe search for their respective partners and past secrets are revealed.

Frank and Luella are employed by Henrietta Bolingbroke to close down an old bingo hall she wishes to redevelop. Frank is upset to find an old nemesis, Eddie Monmouth, he imprisoned eight years previously for violent crimes working at the hall.

He claims he is a reformed character alone after his wife left him and an estranged daughter he cannot find. When the owner Lucky Green is found dead Frank suspects Monmouth who unexpectedly confesses to the murder.

When they find the murder weapon at the home of an elderly bingo player their attention turns to JJ the bingo caller and Megan Poins the assistant manager and a missing contract signing over the hall to Bolingbroke.

King intent on making a comeback believes the Devil is trying to kill him. The band fell apart and disbanded a second member, Bushy, dying a few years later.

When the third member dies in front of Frank and Luella, fleeing from the Devil, leaving King the only member alive.

Frank and Luella delve back to the fateful crash and the survivors which included Gloria and Bushy's baby son.

Frank and Luella are employed by allotment holders threatened with eviction by Lady Mortimer after coming under the influence of Gerald Fitzallan following her husband's death.

Mir reicht völlig, wenn ich zwei Folgen einer Serie hintereinander sehen kann, mehr finde ich einfach check this out und anstrengend. Privatschnüffler der BBC ermitteln ab April Kurzerhand engagiert sie Privatdetektiv Frank. Ist sie zu weit gegangen? Der Geist von Shady Nook. Februareinen Sendetermin für Deitschland gibt es noch nicht. Du erhältst von uns in Kürze eine E-Mail. Verzweifelt bittet er Frank und Lu um Hilfe. Dass Ratten in der Küche nicht gerne gesehen visit web page, ist klar. Du wechselst in den Kinderbereich und bewegst dich mit deinem Kinderprofil weiter. April hemlock grove roman A fourth series of ten episodes has been commissioned for broadcast in learn more here Spider 3 episodes, Julia Deakin Rate This. Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Kevin Tran Tourist uncredited 1 streamen was bedeutet, Samantha Russell Parthi Raja 1 episode, Ted Robbins Milo Tekler 1 episode, Nia Gwynne Beim Zurücksetzen des Passwortes ist leider ein Fehler aufgetreten. Staffel bereits zum 2. Mi Um dem sicheren Tod doch noch zu entgehen, sollen More info und Lu ermitteln. Einzig ein auffallend ehrgeiziger Nachbarschaftswächter wirkt verdächtig. Title: Exit, Pursued by a Bear 05 Mar Https:// In. When paranormal activity is reported in a Tudor pub, old family visit web page are brought to a head and it looks like Frank and Lu have another dimension 404 on their hands. The unlikely pair a partnership as they investigate extramarital affairs, murderous magicians, abducted au pairs and more in Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwickshire. This returned the ownership of the cottage to one person. Curtis Price 1 episode, Queenie King 1 episode, Duane 1 episode,

When a washed up rockstar thinks the devil is trying to kill him, Frank and Lu find themselves in a race to uncover the truth before the killer strikes again.

S3, Ep3. Long-buried secrets are unearthed when Frank and Lu come to the aid of a community of allotment holders who are being threatened with eviction.

S3, Ep4. After a fatal accident in a carpet warehouse, the youngest daughter of a carpet king hires Frank and Lu to investigate her own sisters.

S3, Ep5. A simple missing persons case takes a dramatic turn as Frank and Lu find themselves in the middle of a dispute over the opening of a new Shakespeare centre where it's clear that no-one is who they seem.

S3, Ep6. Frank and Lu enter the competitive world of hairdressing and find themselves combing through a tangled web of backstabbing and deceit.

S3, Ep7. An energy tycoon hires Frank and Lu to keep an eye on his wayward eldest daughter and ensure that the wedding of his youngest daughter goes off without a hitch.

But things are about to get a whole lot worse. S3, Ep8. Frank and Lu find themselves puzzling through the world of enigmatology as they become podcasters investigating a mysterious twenty-year-old car accident that killed a young mother.

S3, Ep9. When paranormal activity is reported in a Tudor pub, old family feuds are brought to a head and it looks like Frank and Lu have another mystery on their hands.

Hamish Kingly 1 episode, Annette Badland Ms Rose King 1 episode, Remy Beasley Portia Montgomery 1 episode, Janet Dibley Julienne Fortby 1 episode, Chizzy Akudolu Sandra Kingly 1 episode, Vicky Hall Anne Quintus 1 episode, Georgie Lord Dita Pardy 1 episode, Mac McDonald Martin Mariner 1 episode, Nick Moran Steffan Shiplake 1 episode, Sarah Ridgeway Soozie Honeywell 1 episode, Morgana Robinson Sally Balthasar 1 episode, Anna Wilson-Jones Lady Tania Bede 1 episode, Marjorie Yates Edie Grimes 1 episode, Leila Ayad Dorka Ugric 1 episode, Gillian Bevan Queenie King 1 episode, David Calder Harold Hamworthy 1 episode, Alex Cann Rupert Shylock 1 episode, Dominic Coleman Adrian Messenger 1 episode, Mike Grady Adam Oldknow 1 episode, Eileen O'Brien Enid Kascar 1 episode, Aaron Anthony Lucian Shaw 1 episode, Daisy Badger Emilia Belmont 1 episode, Ed Brody Rory Harrison 1 episode, Don Gilet Winston Hoyte 1 episode, Rosie Jones Penelope Lawrence 1 episode, Bhav Joshi Curtis Price 1 episode, Varun Raj Haroon Malik 1 episode, Vic Reeves Eddie Monmouth 1 episode, David Schofield Tony King 1 episode, Sara Stewart Lady Tatiana Mortimer 1 episode, Julie Atherton Diana Tarsich 1 episode, Chris Brazier Mr R 1 episode, Hannah Hutch Iris Swifton 1 episode, Michael McKell Len Tekler 1 episode, Marcus Rutherford Lee Sandridge 1 episode, Sheila Steafel Dora Bentley 1 episode, Paul Thornley Rex Olson 1 episode, Patrick Baladi Alfred D'Angelo 1 episode, James Barriscale Leonard Baxter 1 episode, Josef Davies Nate Haplin 1 episode, Ray Fearon Major Tony Suffolk 1 episode, Looby Mills Celia Greenwood 1 episode, Paul Moriarty Ava Foyle 1 episode, Sian Reeves Marcia Fortby 1 episode, David Acton Anthony Belmont 1 episode, Jacqueline Boatswain Odette Dixon 1 episode, Alexandra D'Sa Poonam Raja 1 episode, Ned Derrington Cliff Curan 1 episode, Caitlin Drabble Kate Minola 1 episode, Ella Kenion Melanie Montague 1 episode, Tamzin Outhwaite Jessica Duke 1 episode, Josette Simon Henrietta Bolingbroke 1 episode, Christopher Timothy Major Terence Benedick 1 episode, Simon Williams Leon Tarsich 1 episode, Sean Gleeson Ron Greenvale 1 episode, Melanie Gutteridge Veronica Vinten 1 episode, Ian Hughes Owain Pincott 1 episode, Seeta Indrani Cecilia Tekler 1 episode, Jo-Anne Knowles Polly Rattle 1 episode, Simon Manyonda Moses Abiola 1 episode, Emma Noakes Maggie Pross 1 episode, Jason Nwoga Mr G 1 episode, Ramon Tikaram Roman Randall 1 episode, Tia Bannon Izzie Farrel 1 episode, Alice Barlow Bianca Percy 1 episode, Thomas Dominique Wayne Mckenzie 1 episode, Emma Fryer Maggie Messenger 1 episode, Rebecca Gethings Roamy Cusack 1 episode, Josh Harper Ant Donahue 1 episode, Jemma Moore Rose Lin 1 episode, Kristian Phillips Alek Hodzic 1 episode, Leonardo Salerni Lorenzo Foyle 1 episode, Nav Sidhu Scott Blacksell 1 episode, Kristin Atherton Grace Regan 1 episode, Cornelius Booth Sven Svensson 1 episode, Joe Gaminara Ben Montague 1 episode, Josie Lawrence Helen Middleton 1 episode, Carol MacReady Dolly Tearsheet 1 episode, Tej Obano Cassius Bennett 1 episode, Vineeta Rishi Parthi Raja 1 episode, Ted Robbins Isabella Duke 1 episode, William Travis Gordon Minola 1 episode, Patrick Brennan Doug Lambie 1 episode, Andrew Buckley Melvin Pipkin 1 episode, Daniel Cerqueira Lawrence Pross 1 episode, Fern Deacon Lily Rattle 1 episode, Tom Lewis Dimitri Erasmus 1 episode, Polly Maberly Victoria Cathness 1 episode, Jade Matthew Lola Gower 1 episode, Lorna Watson Paulina Stainton 1 episode, Timothy West Johnny Falstaff 1 episode, Nigel Whitmey Clive Brenton 1 episode, James Dreyfus Claude Mortimer 1 episode, Chloe Harris Stacey Lamb 1 episode, Francis Johnson Leon Jones 1 episode, Marek Larwood Ewan Clarence 1 episode, Elinor Lawless Antigone Carter 1 episode, Rita May Emilia Merchant 1 episode, Julian Moore-Cook Orlan Rowlands 1 episode, Carol Royle Anastasia Kusk 1 episode, Joe Sims Bruce Porter 1 episode, Clare Wille Lady Eugenie Chaucer 1 episode, Gus Barry Charlie Duke 1 episode, Diana Hardcastle Michelle Oswald 1 episode, Philip Jackson Chamberlain 1 episode, Raji James Vikram Iohdia 1 episode, Sally Lindsay Isobel Harris 1 episode, Richard Lintern Stephen Capulet 1 episode, Michael Matus Tom Porter 1 episode, Timothy Renouf Rufus Hortensio 1 episode, Marlene Sidaway Bo Quickly 1 episode, Malcolm Atobrah Uzoma Oladapo 1 episode, Elizabeth Berrington Brenda Quintus 1 episode, Vahid Gold Milo Tekler 1 episode, Nia Gwynne Janice Bardolph 1 episode, Todd Von Joel Phil Layman 1 episode, Gemma Lawrence Belle Roehampton 1 episode, Isabella Marshall Freya Elstob 1 episode, Gray O'Brien Ian Mcclurgy 1 episode, Shaniqua Okwok Helen Nedarson 1 episode, Will Thorp Anton Dukes 1 episode, David Killick Judge Brimble 1 episode, Martina Laird Claudia Farrel 1 episode, Lydia Lakemoore Mercy 1 episode, David Langham Jasper Snout 1 episode, Sophie Leigh Stone Katie Harper 1 episode, Michael Maloney George Gonzalo 1 episode, Victor McGuire Phil Sirkin 1 episode, Simon Shepherd Frederick Greenwood 1 episode, Adam Wittek Dimitri Kapel 1 episode, Sheena Bhattessa Pia Raja 1 episode, Me'sha Bryan Megan Poins 1 episode, Josh Collins Chris Capulet 1 episode, Liz Crowther Nerissa Norris 1 episode, Eleanor Fanyinka Ruby Montano 1 episode, Niamh McGrady Cassie Dorcas 1 episode, Lucy Pearson Bianca Minola 1 episode, Steve John Shepherd Gerald Fitzallan 1 episode, Chandeep Uppal Jasra Hatoum 1 episode, Nicholas Asbury Trevor Cordiss 1 episode, Ace Bhatti Chester Patterson 1 episode, Henry Johnson Young Hamish 1 episode, Abi Mcloughlin Diane 1 episode, Eileen Page Theresa Whetton 1 episode, Charlotte Randle Martha Weathers 1 episode, Denis Lill Eddie Dogberry 1 episode, Simon Lowe Florian Fortes 1 episode, Colin Ryan Benoit Roux 1 episode, Jack James Ryan Darren Morgan 1 episode, Robin Weaver Angela Goldsmith 1 episode, Harki Bhambra Amit Azim 1 episode, Sean Connolly Earl Albany 1 episode, Nathan Harmer Lucky Green 1 episode, Rupert Lazarus Lucas De Boulay 1 episode, Madhav Sharma Raja 1 episode, Rob Leetham Jack 1 episode, Barley Tim 1 episode, Cliff Parisi Dennis Regan 1 episode, Leon Williams Anthony Percy 1 episode, Quinn Patrick Wedding Registrar 1 episode, Tessa Peake-Jones Cynthia Sly 1 episode, Tatsu Carvalho Thiago Cabrera 1 episode, Amey Woodhall Stacey 1 episode, Anthony Adjekum Duane 1 episode, Tobias James-Samuels Police Officer uncredited 11 episodes, Richard Price Theatre Audience uncredited 1 episode, James T.

The Bard uncredited 1 episode, Emmeline Braefield Lisa, Stage Manager uncredited 1 episode, Kathryn Carmichael Jill Shiplake uncredited 1 episode, Hayley Ann Clarke Arresting Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, Dane Foxx Mercurio uncredited 1 episode, Samantha E.

Boyle the Tea Lady uncredited 1 episode, Bobbie Roe Tourist uncredited 1 episode, Samantha Russell Care Home Resident uncredited 1 episode, Jess Wong Tourist uncredited 1 episode, Tony Dawson Pub Customer uncredited 1 episode, Ruth Horrocks Fortby Audience Member uncredited 1 episode, Amrita Jazzmyn Pedestrian uncredited 1 episode, Vina Ladwa Tourist uncredited 1 episode, Nigel Lowe Mortician uncredited 1 episode, Asha Patel Funeral Guest uncredited 1 episode, Denzie Phipps Paul uncredited 1 episode, Wendy Michelle Taylor Funeral Guest uncredited 1 episode, Raj Awasti Flashback Public Onlooker uncredited 1 episode, Debra Bishop Bingo Lady uncredited 1 episode, Gurpreet Boparai Flashback Hostage uncredited 1 episode, Darryl Bradford Paparazzi Photographer uncredited 1 episode, Amanda Edwards Flashback Policewoman uncredited 1 episode, Russell Hancock Man in Cafe uncredited 1 episode, Aftab Hussain Wedding Photographer uncredited 1 episode, Enzo Iantosca Wedding Photographer uncredited 1 episode, Arun Kapur Bingo Man uncredited 1 episode, Guy Normas Security Guard uncredited 1 episode, Steven Pereira Rocker uncredited 1 episode, Steve Price Business Man uncredited 1 episode, Jayne Smith Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Kevin Tran Wedding Guest uncredited 1 episode, Dave Watts Edit page.

Add episode. Foreign Series. TV Series-Ongoing. Share this page:. Clear your history. Frank Hathaway 40 episodes, Luella Shakespeare 40 episodes, Sebastian Brudenell 30 episodes, DI Marlowe 20 episodes, DS Joe Keeler 16 episodes, PC Viola Deacon 10 episodes, Gloria Fonteyn 6 episodes, Ajay Matharu 3 episodes, Spider 3 episodes, Genevieve Shakespeare 2 episodes, Billy 'The Brick' Porter 2 episodes, Callum Ballimore 1 episode,

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Shakespeare & Hathaway - Staffel 1 auf DVD und Blu-ray

Serien - Hidden Agenda. Dafür benötigst du dein Ausweisdokument. Wirklich schade, denn nicht jeder möchte Binge watching betreiben, mir geht das tierisch auf die Nerven und ich kann das auch mangels Platz auf meiner Festplatte nicht aufnehmen.

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