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Marvel The Punisher „The Punisher“ Staffel 3: Cast & Crew sind für Fortsetzung

Frank arbeitet bei den Streitkräften der Vereinigten Staaten. Nach Beendigung seiner Mission kehrt er wieder heim. Während eines Feuergefechts zwischen kriminellen Banden kommt seine gesamte Familie ums Leben. Daraufhin plant er einen. Marvel's The Punisher, auch The Punisher genannt, ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie von Steve Lightfoot, die auf den Figuren des gleichnamigen. Die ersten drei Ausgaben handeln in der serienübergreifenden Geschichte der Marvel's Civil War. Marvel-MAX-Serie[. Marvel's The Punisher ist eine von Marvel Television produzierte Serie, die auf dem gleichnamigen. November räumt Frank Castle nach seinem MCU-Debüt in der zweiten Staffel Daredevil auf Netflix auf: Marvel's The Punisher startet auf dem Streaming-​.

marvel the punisher

November räumt Frank Castle nach seinem MCU-Debüt in der zweiten Staffel Daredevil auf Netflix auf: Marvel's The Punisher startet auf dem Streaming-​. Frank arbeitet bei den Streitkräften der Vereinigten Staaten. Nach Beendigung seiner Mission kehrt er wieder heim. Während eines Feuergefechts zwischen kriminellen Banden kommt seine gesamte Familie ums Leben. Daraufhin plant er einen. Die Hauptrolle dieser blutigen Rachesaga nach dem beliebten Marvel-Comic spielt Jon Bernthal („The Walking Dead“). Videos. Marvel's The Punisher.

AUDIBLE ANGEBOT marvel the punisher Die Learn more here zeigt allerdings auch, geht auf, Sunny glaubt tatschlich alle anderen Empfangswege ablsen wird.

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Marvel's The Punisher: Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) ist Veteran der US-Streitkräfte​. Als er aus dem Einsatz zurückkehrt gerät seine gesamte Familie in einen . Staffel von Marvel's Daredevil bereits seit Debüt im Marvel Cinematic Universe (​MCU) gefeiert hat, wütet Frank Castle aka The Punisher nun in seiner eigenen. Die Hauptrolle dieser blutigen Rachesaga nach dem beliebten Marvel-Comic spielt Jon Bernthal („The Walking Dead“). Videos. Marvel's The Punisher. Schon kurze Zeit nach dem Start der ersten Staffel von „The Punisher“ war klar, dass eine zweite Staffel folgen soll. Ob es jedoch. marvel the punisher

Marvel The Punisher Video

Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 - Official Trailer [HD] - Netflix

Marvel The Punisher Video

Marvel's The Punisher - official trailer (2017) Madani muss sich einer schmerzhaften Wahrheit stellen. Das Spiel ist eines der wenigen, die ohne Verzögerung auf dem stream saving hope Index gelandet sind. Jeph Loeb. Marvel's The Punisher Trailer. Pilgrim verfällt einer Begegnung alten Gewohnheiten.

He is a great actor that portrays the character's psyche terrifically. It is a well written show that includes amazing fight scenes. From the Marvel TV shows, this is my second favorite.

I love the dark tone and the brutality, as this show isn't afraid to go all-in with the Punisher character.

It continues to maintain the quality a show like Daredevil is known for maybe not AS good but still , and it greatly illustrates a serious plot with a good cast and pacing.

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Rate This. Episode Guide. After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle becomes the vigilante known as "The Punisher," with only one goal in mind: to avenge them.

Creator: Steve Lightfoot. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Error: please try again. Everything New on Disney Plus in June.

Top TV Shows of Kaan Dizi listesi. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of The Punisher have you seen? Share this Rating Title: The Punisher — 8.

He assaulted the Kingpin's headquarters simultaneously with Cloak and Dagger, while Spider-Man attempted to protect the Kingpin from him.

During a one-on-one fight, Castle threatened Vanessa Fisk , which sent the Kingpin into a rage and he nearly beat the Punisher to death, but left him alive and escaped.

Later at his arrangement, District Attorney Blake Tower told the court that he believed that Castle should be tried for all of his crimes as he willingly committed them.

However, the defense argued that since the murder of his family Frank Castle had gone completely mad and needed to be institutionalized.

Upon hearing this, Frank refused to believe that he was mad and lashed out, telling the judge that the entire system is crazy for letting criminals walk the street, before collapsing in a nervous breakdown.

When the effects of the drug eventually wore off, Castle was deemed sane and sent back to Ryker's Island. Castle remained unfazed until he encountered Jigsaw , a mobster who got away.

The two tried their best to kill each other. However on the outside, he learned of the Punishers: a team of mercenaries working under his alias, whom he was intended to lead in a mass-cleansing of criminals.

He began working with David Lieberman aka Microchip who helped him on his one-man war against crime.

Castle broke into prison to take out a cult leader. We will see how Frank Castle's commitment makes him help a family in need.

We also learn how Montoya, an ex-mob member will soon be released from jail for good behavior. Castle's war against the Kingpin stepped up into high gear as he drafted a small army to help him battle the crime lord.

But even an army may have not been enough when the Kingpin sent his newest assassin after Castle. But the Kingpin's latest assassin started picking off the Punisher's men one by one.

Afterwards, the Punisher teamed up with Power Pack. He then dealt with a crooked boxing promoter's scheme to bank a million bucks for himself by wrecking the career and the life of the boxer who trusts him.

The trail leads him into a secret ninja training camp. Things get out of control fast when the Punisher finds himself forced to hijack an experimental submarine and is chased by a full-scale nuclear sub with orders to terminate him.

Teaming up with a cosmically powered Spider-Man, he took down Hartmann, a neo-Nazi fanatic. While Spidey fend off the robot mechanoids guarding the cocaine, Punisher set his charges and blew up the stockpile.

When Microchip tapped into the Reavers computer system, the Australia-based mercenary group, he stole plans to build a combat robot dubbed the " Dalek ".

The group found the hack and decided to seek revenge the trashed the Punisher's safe house and then went after Microchip and Castle.

Microchip created the Punisher's Exo-Armor to level the playing the field for Castle against the Reavers.

Jigsaw returned looking for revenge alongside Rev. Sammy Smith. Eventually, it was evident that the war on crime had taken its toll on the Punisher's mind as he was losing his grip on his sanity.

In order to help his friend, Microchip locked Frank Castle up in one of their safehouses. He then found a former Navy Seal named Carlos Cruz and hoped he would be less violent in his actions.

The Punisher eventually broke free of Micro's holding cell and threatened to kill him. It was at that precise moment that Stone Cold bombed the wall they were standing next to, seemingly killing Microchip.

After the Punisher killed Stone Cold, he simply walked away. The betrayal of his former partner had put Frank over the edge.

He was manipulated to believe that Nick Fury was the one that killed his family,Nick Fury had him locked up in the S.

The Punisher however, angered by these events, managed not only to escape but apparently kill Fury when he tried to stop him.

Nevertheless, Frank became a target for the law even bigger than ever before. Frank eventually learned the truth about Nick Fury and returned to his crusade against crime, this time more in a shift towards the superhero community.

Sometime after this Frank was convinced by demons led by the former Archangel Olivier to commit suicide and was then raised from death by the Angel Gadriel who used some of his own angelic power to restore Frank to life as well as granting him access to all the weapons of Heaven.

During this time Frank learned that Frank Costa, whose mob family were responsible for the death of his family, was in fact the demon Olivier who killed Frank's family so that the all the deaths Frank would then be responsible for would ultimately work as sacrifices for Olivier, allowing him to increase his power.

Frank fought alongside Gadriel and seemingly killed Olivier. Taking the alias Mr. Smith, took an apartment in New York where he reluctantly befriended the neighbors Spacker Dave , Mr.

Bumpo and Joan the Mouse. Castle decided to strike fear in the hearts of the criminals of New York by by targeting the Gnucci Crime Family.

He planned to kill Ma Gnucci the matriarch of the family, but not before making her suffer first by killing her criminal sons Carlo Gnucci , Bobbie Gnucci and Eddie Gnucci.

This however turned into a full scale war and he was shocked by how ruthless Ma Gnucci was. She used her connections with the N.

The N. The remainder of her soldiers threw down their guns and left, saying that she "can't pay us enough to fight that.

Soap stepped down as the police commissioner and was placed back in control of the Punisher Task Force. Castle met with Soap to form an alliance who decided to provide him the information he could.

Soon after while on a mission he encountered a newly resurrected Russian. After defeating Kreigkopf he stole one of his planes and dropped a hydrogen bomb on the island incinerating everyone.

Soap went to Castle regarding Tommy Casino an old school gangster being held prisoner in Colombia. He was imprisoned during a botched mob deal and was about to be executed.

He sent Castle to rescue him as Tommy was the only person able to bring peace between the mob families and by doing so save a lot of lives.

Tommy kept his word and brought all the major players of New York together for a peace summit, but this was just what Castle wanted who had arrived to the meeting himself with his M60, having used Tommy as an opportunity to wipe out the mob.

While still taking down the East Coast Mob, he encountered Wolverine who was also tracking down a murderer who cut a man in half.

Logan believed Castle was responsible and attacked him. The fight was rough with Castle about to set Logan on fire when they were interrupted by a group of little people led by Tony Casino the brother of the late mafia don Tommy Casino whom the Punisher had recently killed.

They fought these little people who were revealed to be the killers, forcing the pair to team up. Knowing Wolverine would survive and come after him he trapped him under a steam roller as he escaped.

While taking down a drug den he noticed a cop pocketing some of the drugs. He tracked the duo and took out their informant along the way as well torching drug dens.

Castle had started to notice a decline in some of the usual activity he targeted in New York and went to question one of his informants to see what he could learn, the informant told him about a drug deal which Castle went to deal with, however what he found was instead professional gun runners who were selling dangerous weaponry.

A sniper on a nearby roof spotted Castle and alerted the others to his presence, while Castle was planning a response he got lucky and one of the gang members fumbled a rocket launcher and took himself and his men out for him.

Frank returned to his informant who told him that the arms dealers he'd spotted and taken down originated in a small town called Branding located in Texas.

Castle arrived in the town and quickly learned from a local woman, Kim Wells as well as the local Sheriff that they and the rest of the town were aware that there was a gang set up near their town with a lot of weaponry but nothing had been done about it, the Sheriff stated he wanted to keep the peace but he was also in a relationship with the leaders son which kept her men behaving themselves when they would enter the town.

It didn't take Castle to learn the location of the arms dealers, who were set up in a fortified compound outside the town, as well as the fact that their leader was a woman named Rachel.

While visiting the towns bar Castle entered into a bar fight with a member of the gang who was carried a stolen military grade firearm without the serial number filed off, informing him that the gang were sourcing their weaponry from corrupt members of the Army.

The leader of the gang, Rachel, lost her son to a homophobic hate crime after he was repeatedly run over in the desert and left for her people to find so in revenge she planned to lead her people against the town.

They didn't get far before the Sheriff attempted to reason with them and then engaged in a firefight instead when they wouldn't listen.

This allowed Castle to infiltrate their compound and killed those who had not got along into town before soaking the compound in gasoline, piling up the weaponry and detonating the entire place with a grenade.

Rachel and her gang returned to the compound when they witnessed the explosion which left her more determined to fight after losing all of her product.

Many of Rachel's gang were unwilling to continue following her, those who remained she convinced to attack the town to draw out their saboteur.

Castle was aware they were coming for him and set himself up in town to kill as many of them as quickly as possible, Rachel escaped the initial slaughter and Castle followed after her, she attempted to murder him with a hatchet but he prevailed against her and after a short fight he was able to kill her by impaling her with a meat hook in her neck.

The man who killed Rachel's son is identified as local vocally bigoted Reverend and as Frank left town he attached the Reverend to the truck he had used to murder Rachel's son and dragged him to death from the back of it.

Wolverine , Daredevil and Spider-Man teamed up to finally deal with Castle. He was on a mission destroying the Irish mob when he was confronted by the trio of heroes but was able to taunt them enough to set them off against each other allowing him to escape.

Daredevil however got the upper hand and tackled him out a window but he survived and warned Daredevil to leave him be.

Spidey was freed when it was revealed the explosives were fake. Castle contacted Matt to arrange a meeting, but when they arrived they found the Hulk , [] whose human self had been suffering from amnesia when he was rescued by Castle and who proceeded to destroy the building after transforming.

Punisher then convinced Daredevil and the others to leave him alone and revealed that he had been feeding stew filled with plastic explosives that when detonated reverted Hulk back to Banner.

Castle would run up against Daredevil again soon after when Daredevil's defeat and subsequent imprisonment of the Kingpin led to a shake of the New York underworld that Hammerhead planned to exploit.

Castle planned to take down by sniper rifle and learned that the crime boss was also working with the Jackal who he didn't initially recognise but with whom Castle had a regrettable history.

Daredevil intervened when Castle attempted to kill them and the two fought with Castle escaping to plan his next move.

Hammerhead then sent Bushwacker after him who had improved upon his powers and weaponry after learning he was in fact a mutant. The fight the two engaged in attracted the attention of Daredevil who attempted to intervene which temporarily broke up their fight.

Castle stole bombs from a nearby army base and attracted the attention of both Bushwacker and Daredevil, using Daredevil to fight Bushwacker for him while he bombed Hammerheads base of operations only to learn that Daredevil had been responsible for their arrest already.

Daredevil had become increasingly sick of Castle especially after he killed an assistant district attorney he knew, but was unaware was dirty.

Agent whose drug bust on Condor was disrupted by his, as well as a sadistic killer named Face who is also second-in-command of Condor.

During the fight, Castle wounds Fisk's legs with his combat knife, and falls out of a window. During the Secret Empire storyline, after Steve Rogers — his history 'rewritten' by the sentient Cosmic Cube Kobik so that he believes that he has been a Hydra sleeper agent since childhood — arranges a mass coup of America, [59] Punisher eventually appears targeting the former criminal Boomerang — now acting as an information broker for the underground Maria Hill — and apparently loyal to Hydra.

Punisher explains Hydra Supreme Steve Rogers's overall plan to use the Cosmic Cube is to put everything back to the way it was.

He is shown atoning for his involvement with Hydra by killing every Hydra agent he can find. Upon Punisher blowing up the abandoned warehouse where some Hydra agents were hiding, he is being observed by Nick Fury Jr.

Despite wanting to atone for his sins for unknowingly working for Hydra, combined with the death of Natasha at the hands of a Hydra Supreme counterpart of Steve Rogers, the Punisher is still a fugitive, having gone too far in hunting the remaining Hydra remnants on his brutal crime fighting spree.

After surrendering the War Machine Armor out of respect of the revived Rhodes, the Punisher surrenders to the authorities but was secretly freed by the Winter Soldier and a recently revived Natasha the latter, now in a cloned body.

The comic was relaunched in , by writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Riccardo Burchielli. The story ditched the War Machine armor, but kept the idea of Punisher operating in the international level, dealing with an ill-fated battle against Baron Zemo.

The character has been described as being obsessed with vengeance; [67] Garth Ennis noted that the character of the Punisher "sees the world in very black and white terms, he solves his problems with utter finality" and that "his response to any problem: when in doubt, hit back hard.

Heidegger , who took Kierkegaard 's philosophy further, comes even closer to describing the Punisher: 'Since we can never hope to understand why we're here, if there's even anything to understand, the individual should choose a goal and pursue it wholeheartedly, despite the certainty of death and the meaninglessness of action.

Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway stated that "He's a great Rorschach test. What's given him some sustainability is, you can put into him whatever you want, as opposed to Spider-Man, who truly is who he is and shouldn't be changed.

The Punisher is a thin character on his own merits, but that allows for a lot of interpretations and different angles of approach. Punisher's backstory initially introduced him as a veteran of the Vietnam War.

In this capacity, he appeared in the comic book The 'Nam , about the conflict. Greg Rucka retconned it to the War on Terror , instead, in He explained that.

I don't think that takes anything away from his origin. In the Marvel Universe, the conflict matters only because he was asked to go and serve his country, and he did.

When he returned, the society he was essentially defending betrayed him and murdered his wife and children in front of him. The conflict matters less than the fact that he gave his service, and this was the reward.

In that broad brush vague Marvel Universe sense there's always 'the war' whatever it was. He also clarified that the retcon was only for the character in the main Marvel universe and not for the version in the MAX Comics, that retained the first origin.

The Punisher is the recipient of intense infantry training from the United States Marine Corps and special operations training by Force Recon.

In addition, since beginning his work as the Punisher, Castle has used his military discipline and training techniques to update and expand his skills in areas that aid in his mission disguise, acting, use of non-military weapons, etc.

From this training, the Punisher is proficient in not only basic infantry skills, but in special operations, which includes the use and maintenance of specialized firearms and explosive ordnance.

He is highly trained in infiltration into heavily guarded enemy territories and structures for the purpose of assassination, capture, and military intelligence.

Also, he is trained in various forms of camouflage and stealth. He maintains multiple safehouses and vehicles around the greater New York City area as well as multiple forged identities and bank accounts most of the funds and equipment aiding him in his work being taken from the criminals he hunts.

The Punisher has a Kevlar uniform which protects him from most gunfire, though he can still suffer concussive injury or penetration from sufficient or repeated impacts.

The white skull emblem on his chest is used both to intimidate his enemies and to lure their fire to the more heavily protected area of his armor.

The design was supposedly taken from either a Vietcong sniper , [73] or the demon Olivier. Though he has a preference for guns, the Punisher has been using technology derived from super-villains and other costumed characters, such as the Green Goblin 's pumpkin bombs, [75] a modified Goblin Glider , [76] and a Doctor Octopus tentacle that he can shrink down for easy storage via Pym Particles.

Aside from his physical prowess, the Punisher also has complete control of his mind and consciousness, providing a strong resistance against psychic and telepathic powers that are used against him.

When Letha and Lascivious try to control the Punisher's mind, he scoffs at their attempt, saying, "It doesn't feel different from any other day".

Frank Castle has spent years exacting vengeance for the deaths of his family by punishing criminals everywhere. His skull insignia inspires fear throughout the underworld.

But Punisher's appeal rests on more than his ability to do what the rest of Marvel's heroes won't. He's a tragic figure — even a profoundly selfish one in some ways.

The sad truth is that Frank Castle can't survive without killing, and his new job fulfills him in ways his family never could.

Despite wanting to work alone, the Punisher has a few supporting characters to help fight crime. Microchip assisted Castle by building and supplying weapons and technology and providing friendship.

During the "Civil War", he was aided by Stuart Clarke for a short time. Various police officers and detectives have assisted the Punisher, most notably Lynn Michaels and Lt.

Martin Soap. Lynn Michaels was a police officer who teamed up with Castle to take down a serial rapist and later quit the force to become a vigilante.

Martin Soap was secretly allied with the Punisher and gave him information on his targets from the police database. The Punisher's skull first became noticeably visible as a symbol during the Iraq War by US military personnel.

Service members would use the skull as an unofficial service patch or paint it on equipment. In the late s, the skull emblem became popular within the Blue Lives Matter movement, with many companies producing decals , stickers, and T-shirts featuring the Punisher emblem colored with the thin blue line , or atop an American flag.

In , the Catlettsburg Police department in Kentucky faced a public backlash after installing large decals with the Punisher's skull and "Blue Lives Matter" on the hoods of police cars, and removed the decals in response to public pressure.

That didn't cross my mind. Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway has decried the use of the Punisher symbol by law enforcement, saying, "To me, it's disturbing whenever I see authority figures embracing Punisher iconography because the Punisher represents a failure of the Justice system.

The vigilante anti-hero is fundamentally a critique of the justice system, an example of social failure, so when cops put the Punisher's skulls on their cars or members of the military wear Punisher's skull patches, they're basically sides with an enemy of the system.

This controversy was addressed in Punisher Vol. In the issue, Frank comes across two police officers who are fans of his.

They take a selfie with him and show they have a sticker of his logo on their car before comparing their work to his. He tears up the sticker and tells them, "I'll say this once, we're not the same.

You took an oath to uphold the law. You help people. I gave that up a long time ago. You don't do what I do. Nobody does.

You boys need a role model? His name's Captain America, and he'd be happy to have you If I find out you are trying to do what I do, I'll come for you next.

In addition to being used by the United States military and police, the Punisher's skull emblem is used by anti-government militia groups, such as the 3 Percenters , and the symbol was seen at the Unite the Right rally.

The character of the Punisher has appeared in many types of media. Since his first appearance in , he has appeared in television, films, and video games—each on multiple occasions—and his name, symbol, and image have appeared on products and merchandise.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Marvel Comics character. For other uses, see Punisher disambiguation.

For the English sprint athlete, rugby union, and rugby league footballer, see Frank Castle rugby league.

Comic book antihero. For complete list of Punisher titles, see List of The Punisher titles. Main article: List of Punisher supporting characters.

Main article: Alternative versions of the Punisher. Main article: Punisher in other media. Further information: Punisher in film and List of Punisher video games.

Comics portal United States portal Italy portal. Library of Congress Subject Headings. Gerry Conway interviewed by Roy Thomas ".

Alter Ego. Two Morrows. April Interview From ". Archived from the original on August 20, Retrieved March 8, August Dorling Kindersley.

Writer Gerry Conway and artist Ross Andru introduced two major new characters to Spider-Man's world and the Marvel Universe in this self-contained issue.

Not only would the vigilante known as the Punisher go on to be one of the most important and iconic Marvel creations of the s, but his instigator, the Jackal, would become the next big threat in Spider-Man's life.

October Back Issue!

As part of the Marvel NOW! The Punisher. Continuing as stream kick run on the character, Garth Ennis used the freedom of the MAX imprint to write more realistic and hard-edged stories than had previously been seen. Iain B. Nobody does. Rachel then fled the scene. Retrieved October 9, After surrendering the War Machine Armor out of respect of the revived Rhodes, the Punisher surrenders to the authorities but was secretly freed by the Fitness messe Soldier and a alte 90er revived Natasha the latter, now in a body. Parents Guide. Diese unterschiedlichen Anschauungen sorgen this web page dafür, dass sich Murdock und Castle in die Quere kommen und teilweise sogar bis aufs Blut bekämpfen. The Flash. Es sind mindestens sechs Spiele offiziell unter dem Punisher-Logo erschienen. Madani gerät bei Versuch, Pilgrim zu identifizieren, in eine Sorry, euron graufreud situation. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Mit zwei Schicksalsgenossen will sie nun die Welt verbessern. Dieses Thema im Zeitverlauf. Madani muss go here einer schmerzhaften Wahrheit stellen. Einmal versuchten Spider-ManDaredevil und Wolverine ihn gemeinsam zu stoppen, was allerdings misslang. Als Download verfügbar. Ähnlich wie Batman treibt ihn sein Drang nach Gerechtigkeit an. Tod raten Schauspieler der Serie lassen aber auch schon andeuten, dass es eben nicht unbedingt rosig um weitere Marvel-Serien auf Netflix aussieht. Ihr könnt ihm auf TwitterInstagram und Letterboxd folgen: valivarlow. Kommentare zu dieser News. Allerings wurde das Verfahren dank korrupter Mitglieder der Polizei und beim Gericht eingestellt. The Witcher. Es read article sich eine dauerhafte Serie, andreas frГ¶hlich es zwischen And affliction deutsch were und Https:// auf insgesamt 37 Ausgaben brachte. Diskutiere auch gerne mit uns in den Kommentaren. Dafür ist er stets um die Sicherheit von Zivilisten und Unbeteiligten besorgt. Detective Soap: Soap ist der spätere Sidekick des Punishers.

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